Harriett & Hugo

Hey, you've made it to my website, how cool is that? 

I'm Harriett, I'm a little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog. 

I send emails to my Uncle Mike.  He lives in London, which is a million miles away from me. I have to send him emails so he doesn't miss out on all my adventures.

Guess what?  My Mum helped me put all my emails to Uncle Mike into a book - it's like magic.  What do you think of the cover picture? - I think it's so cool.



I would really love it if you wanted to buy a copy.  Just click here or on the button on the left hand side that says "buy a book".  That's like magic too.








My book costs $20 each, and $2 of every book that sells, we donate to the SPCA.  

Giving $$$ to the SPCA is my favourite thing.


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